08 Jamadi us Sani 1425

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

I have done it again. I have actually managed to act like a complete blundering buffon in the same pool with the same guy again. You people remember my last retarded conversation (sic) with the guy in the pool. There I was, forcing myself to not flip out because I was running out of air. Suddenly, I saw a huge hand in front of my eyes. I tried to stop but the collision had already taken place. So there I was. In the pool strangely very intangled with this other guy. Well noone was hurt. But people needed some time to untangle them. Then the same thing happened.

Me : Hey sorry man.
Sexy wet swimmer guy (SWSG from now on) : It's ok. (I hallucinated this reply to be something like "SWSG: Sorry, I was out of lane.")
Me : Oh no, it's ok.
SWSG : What's ok?
Me (Sudden physical, mental and psychological breakdown; stammering like noone has ever stammered before) : The weather, the weather is ok.
SWSG (Looking at me as if I have just eaten a hat and am fighting with people to declare me sane) : Oh, yeah, that, huh, yeah, it is ok.
Me (Breakdown to a limit not reached last time) : So, you wear XYZ brand of goggles. I hear they are good.
SWSG (Trying to get away from me before I bite him) : Yeah they are good.
Me (Realizing that I have to extricate myself from this situation) : Oh, hey, man, I have to go talk to my cousin at the other end of the pool.
SWSG : Didn't you come alone today. (Doh! of course he would know he was walking with me to the pool to know that I am alone)
Me (Work, damn brain cells, work!) : Oh yeah, then that must be someone else. Sorry :) Hahahahhahahahah (Extemely loud and very very very abnormal laughter)
SWSG (Wants me to kill him or myself.)
Me (Senses the situation) : Hey, then ill see you around. Bye.

And I wade on into the setting sun. Along with which sets all of my sense of self respect and confidence that I can talk to other humans without showing them that I am a moron.

Oh My God! What the hell is wrong with me!


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