28 Rabi us Sani 1425

I saw a wonderful movie last night.

It had the two things that I need in a movie. A wonderful story. And a hot stud.

The name of the movie was "Under Suspicion" starring Morgan Freeman, Monica Bellucci, Gene Hackman and Thoman Jane. It was a wonderful movie. I would suggest all of you to see it. Since I loved it completely. Actually I would order you to go right now and watch it.

The hot stud was Thomas Jane. I mean wow. There are hot men out there but Thomas Jane is in a class of his own. And to top that he is a cop. And to top that he has a two day non shave scruff on his face. This reminds me of a very dirty thing I said long ago ... "I wanna suck on your beard". Before I gross you out. I will take your leave.

Unfortunately I still cant read your comments. I am sorry.


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