27 Rabi us Sani 1425

Yesterday was officially declared psychotic in a hospital.

Today I went to a hospital and got another official declaration.

I went to the dentists and my mother came along. As soon as I went in the dentist motioned to sit on his chair. I proceeded to the chair. He stopped me and he said. Not you ... her. I told him that I needed the dental check up. He kept quiet.

Then he asked ... are you ... Ms (MyRealNameHere). Obviously I was not a Miss. So I corrected him. Then I went to the administration and talked to the lady who wrote me as a Ms and asked her if I looked like a Ms.

She was embarrased.

I don't that I will ever go to a doctor again. They keep making strange mistakes and revelations. It scares me.

And the worst part is. They are supposed to know about these things.

Shudders all over.


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