25 Rabi us Sani 1425

First of all good news. Then more good news. Then more good news. Apparently not a good day for people who dont like me.

I seem to be swimming regularly. That seems to have made some changes. Such as. I have lost weight and inches. Yes. I am not a fat bloated ugly pig that has fat hanging 5 inches down his sides. I am a fat bloated ugly pig that has fat hanging 4 inches down his sides. (NOTE: Above sentences not to be taken literally). If this keeps on then within one month I will be in good shape.

My regular trips to the pool have let me come in contact with a certain gentleman at the pool. The only conversation we have had yet were the abnormal one I have talked about earlier and two or three where I said hi. And he said hi. And then we just stood there until the physical pain of the circumstance made me pass out and he slinked away with some respect left. I am hopeful of saying hi again this week. Lets see where this thing goes. Oh, and yes. He has a killer body. I see him at the pool. I should know.

I was able to see your comments today for 2 seconds. Then Internet Explorer crashed and the capability went away. I am as always ashamed.


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