22 Rabi us Sani 1425

First of all I would apologize for my absence. I should have kept you informed keeping in view the situation in Karachi. I am sorry.

I still can not read your comments. But I am sure that within a decent period of time (1 week) I will be able to do that as well.

My mouse that I was complaining about is very very very dead. I am currently using my number pad as my mouse by using the accessibility options that windows has graciously bestowed upon me. And trust me using the number pad as a mouse is a bitch. I have already deleted three posts. Which is not a big deal since I know the whole post by heart now.

And now something very very spicy.

I went to a local and very chic mall with my family. In the perfumes and gentlemen's clothing section there was a very hot guy. He was a hunk of a stallion of a man. I would say definitely mouth watering material. I was staring at him stealthily (since I was with family and could not act like a lusty cat in heat). He saw me. And he came slightly closer to where I was standing. There he put his hands in his pants pockets and pulled them to the front a bit. This did two things. First it made his pants very tight around his behind. Second it made the coat skid up to give me a view of the above scenario. Needless to say, I went semi berserk. I immediately attained a certain physical condition. For want of anything better to do I immediately told my family that I need to dash to the men's room. I walked upto the object of my physical condition and asked him where the men's room was.

He being the pefect gentleman (and a very dirty one as well) decided to escort me to the men's room. I was getting ready, for the first time in my life, to perform certain operations on that gentleman and take care of his physical condition if the men's room was empty. But unfortunately the gods (the greek ones) defecated on my dreams and they did not come true. The men's room was full of people. So the gentleman dissolved into the crowd and went away. The only happiness that I got out of the situation was that I did end up performing operations that took care of my physical condition.

So I am still a virgin and very horny one at that. DAMN!


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