10 Jamadi ul Awwal 1425

Another great development in my life took place today. I finally decided that I will never feel bad about being psychotic.

I mean of course there is a certain guilt involved. HAHAHA. Certain guilt Jalal? Jalal admit it that you are very very guilty about it. Oh shut up! What do you know about it. It is my thinking. If I said certain I meant certain. Oh yeah! Like you are the only one with access to that brain of yours.

Just because you are my multiple personality does not mean you know what I think. OK.

YEAH ! RIGHT ! AHAHAHHAH !!!! Jalal ... dude ... you so do not know what I know about you and what I dont know about you.

Well whatever the hell. SHUT UP! LEME WRITE IN MY BLOG !!!


So ... where was I. Yes. I am starting to be ok with being psychotic. Ok with talking to myself in the mirror. Ok with realizing that people think of me as very excited.

Who the hell am I kidding. I am not ok with it. Of course I am not ok with it.

I LOVE the fact that I am psychotic.

Special Note to any Psychiatrist reading my blog regularly : If you start feeling that you are going insane. Stop reading immediately. Stop thinking about this. Stop all contact with this blog for the sake of your own sanity. Ok.


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