08 Jamadi ul Awwal 1425

How do normal people respond to situations where you have just been called a 'THIEF!!!' and the police have been called? How would a normal guy behave at such a juncture? How would normal people diffuse the situation while at the same time trying to appear human? How would normal people talk their way out of the police mess?

Oh. OH! I see. See that is where the problem is. I am trying to approach the situation from the wrong angle. I should not be thinking about what a normal person would do. Since I would definitely not know how to do it properly and end up messing it up. I should be thinking about what I would do.

So here goes the story of what I did.

I should have first talked to the shopkeeper to diffuse the situation. Instead I just stood there, my jaw dropping all the way to the floor, trembling like a autumn leaf in a brisk wind.

I should have told him that he can frisk me (Oh la la!) and since I did not have more than 23 rupees he would have let me go. Instead I chose to tremble some more and loose control over my capability of normal fluent/fluid speech.

I should have acted non chalant and waited for the police and explained things to them. Instead I started to stammer so much that the shopkeeper thought I was threatening him and he got completely excited.

I should have told the policeman to frisk me (Oh la la la la la la la la!) and since I did not have more than 23 rupees on he would have let me go. I did precisely that. It was interesting. Then I did manage to get the capability to make my brain work again and I talked to the shop keeper.

So I would say that all is well that ends well.

Except when I burn the shop of that lying, thieving, two timing, no good, unsanitary snake in the grass.


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