07 Jamadi ul Awwal 1425

Another political drama in our beloved land of Pakistan. Another change of leaders that we have grown so used to that we have become completely desensitized. But there is one thing. A Prime Minister who is a technocrat will lead Pakistan in a proper direction. Much better than a rich industrialist or a rich feudal. Lets only hope for the best.

The most interesting thing in the speech given by Jamali Sahab was the complete lack of disciplne in the room. It seemed as if people were competing with each other for an imaginary prize for being the most rowdy and ill mannered human being (sic?) in that room.

But all the same. All is well that ends well. That is all that I can say.

Except when I realize that I have bought something at twice its acceptable price. I hate that damned shopkeeper. Sweet talking satanic being. Damned over priced shoes.


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