8 Rabi us Sani 1425

Sometime very interesting happened today.

I was standing infront of, and facing, a very sexy guy. I was looking at him. And, well, he was looking at me. I knew for sure that he was interested in me. I also knew that he knew that I was interested in him. So I decided that he is here, I am here, I like him, he obviously likes me why not make a move.

I made a slight kissing motion with my lips. This action made me severely horrified and severely turned on at the same time. I looked intently. I noticed that he was looking at me during this time.

Then came the defining moment. The moment of reply.

He made the very same gesture at the same time as I did. I had a complete breakdown with millions of emotions at the same time. And well then I decided to delve in and test the water properly. I went for the jackpot. My brain was telling me "DUDE! SCORE! CHA CHING!".

I winked at him. And, OH MY GOD, he winked back at me, at the same time. I was so happy and so very excited.

At that moment I moved away from mirror and decided to get a real life.


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