23 Rabi ul Awwal 1425

I believe that it is the basic right of every human being to be given the basic right to be allowed to choose the type of music that he or she or it will listen to.

I like listening to Raags (no, I am not 80 years old, I am 23, with class). And I like listening to Ghazals (no, I am not 60 years old, I am 23, with class). And I like listening to old Indian and Pakistani movie songs (no, I am not 40 years old, I am 23, with class). Also I like listening to Western Classical music (I am not 50, but, I am gay).

I am pretty sure most of you have realized why I talk about the freedom of music. It is not due to any altruistic desire on my part. It is basically for myself.

But all the same I think noone should be allowed to crack jokes at people who listen to different music. A point well explained by my feeling when 14 people (and I am not exaggerating) saw my CD collection and laughed like drunken hyenas for one hour over my selection. I needless to say was ashamed and defensive.

It is us the meek and trodden upon who see the truths and the lights that need to shine to save us. So all rally forth for the right of music.


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