17 Rabi ul Awwal 1425

Well you remember how I told you all that I am a virgin. Also that when I lose this status I will tell you all about it. Well, the following post has NOTHING to do with that (yeah, I know I am evil, and frankly, I am ok with it).

Today I did the wildest thing of my life. And trust me, I have done very wild things in the past. All of them during college. This was the first post college wild thing and it was the wildest yet.

Me and the guys were sitting around and talking. Suddenly one of the guys had a testosterone explosion and he decided that we should do life threatning (yet macho) things. So all the guys overchanged with testosterone (the same thing that makes you car race with total strangers on city roads) did stuff. One after the other.

One of them did a willie on his bike. The second one jumped off the first floor roof. The third one outdid them all by going out with his car into a riot ridden area (there was rioting in most of Karachi today due to yesterdays events). Then I decided that a man's got to do what a man's got to do. I did the craziest thing and I was unrivalled and accepted as the stud / macho / male / man / ruler by the guys.

I sat on the roof of the car while they drove for about 15 minutes. I had to hold onto the doors to not fall down. And yes I have to thank someone for helping me in this situation. My sweat. Apparently I was so frikking scared that I did not sweat. If I had my hands would have slipped and I would have become a part of the tyres of a couple of cars behind ours.

Well needless to say but when the car stopped I had more adrenaline in my body than there is testosterone in a 21 year old guy who just watched 10 hours of porn. In other words. I have one big lump of adrenaline.

So there it was the wildest thing I have ever done. What is the wildest thing that you have ever done?

Yeah, I know. I am a bigger stud than you.


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