15 Rabi ul Awwal 1425

God I am an awful mood. Not depressed awful. Angry awful. Actually you can call it irritable. I cant write a coherent post so I will just rant about the few things that are ticking me right now.

1 - Why the hell is the guy next door getting so damned fat all of a sudden that it is scaring me.
2 - Why the hell does this damned ceiling fan make this strange retarded noise that makes me want to poke red hot pokers into my ears and flush my brains out.
3 - Why the hell does my goddamned Windows XP slow my system so much that I have to wait long intervals to reply to people MSN.
4 - Why the hell am I balding so frikking fast that snails would find it hard to keep up with my recending hairline.
5 - Why the hell have I stopped looking like a strapping early 20s lean mean sex machine and started looking like a late 20s burn out who just wants to grow excessive facial hair.
6 - Why the hell havent I been able to make one good joke in the whole day when I have actually tried so many times.
7 - Why the hell am I starting all of these sentences with Why the hell.


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