14 Rabi ul Awwal 1425

Oh what a wonderous spectacle. That was a wonderful lunar eclipse last night. Wonderful. The way the shadow grows and grows.

Reminded me of the previous solar ecplises that I have seen. The one in the 9th grade when I missed totality because it was in Quetta. The one in the 11th grade when I missed totality because it was in Karachi (I was not in Karachi). Then the Lunar Eclipse when I was in very very young and my father took me up and told me to not forget that he showed me the eclipse (definitely to score points in arguments later on).

So I guess with my luck I will always be in countries with Solar Sclipses but I will never get to see totality. I will miss it by an hours flight. Damnit!

I am so jealous of all of you who have seen totality. But, then again, there is always the phobia. I will come clean. I have a strange fear that if I am in the totality of an eclipse I will turn into a Vampire. No, it is not as wonderful as it seems. Because I will die as soon as totality ends. So I dont get to kill unarmed, innocent school going children and bad parish pastors who do not believe in God like we are used to in the movies.

Even being a Vampire I will be a loser. Live for a short while and no feeding on blood because I will obviously be looking for cover.

After reading today's post and realizing how I actually sound. I have to ask you guys that do you think I am strange? And after asking this question I have suddenly realized that I am obsessed with being strange or normal. Do you think 'this' is strange. Now that I have asked you about my obsession of an obsession. Do you think it is ok for me to obsess about my obsessions? It is really unnervign that I care about so many abstract and confusing things, half of whom do not even exist. Do you think my thinking 'that' is strange?

Oh dear God. I have to go! NOW!


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