11 Rabi ul Awwal 1425

A very long weekend. A very long spate of wild unbridled animal passions (no, no, don't get me wrong) (card games and food). First May Day and then tomorrow 12th Rabi ul Awwal. Now this is what I call a real weekend. 3 day long. And very very vacation for all of us.

And Oh My God! How much fried Chicken can one guy eat. Better yet, the better question would be, how much before you point out that he is eating enough to feed small famine ridden countries. To be precise, one and a half Chicken broasts. I mean GOD! OK OK! It was me ok. You caught me. Now be happy and do that dance with the broom that you do.

Just right now I was listening to all the processions of the 12th of Rabi ul Awwal passing by. Blaring loudspeakers. Religious zeal and fervour. An ardent desire to outdo their Shia bretherns processions during Muharram. Which is cute because the Shia bretheren then show their ardent desire to outdo their Sunni brethren. Religious zeal and fervour in trying to outbid each other. Making their points with Allah. Good, good, all the more to laugh at for us.

In other news I have been wearing the same lower for three days. I have not taken a bath. I have not shaved. I have not used deodorants (In Karachi's humid and warm weather). I have not cleaned any food that had fallen on my shirt, which I have not changed in three days. I am sure some kinky dude is getting really hot reading this. Well you can do better. Mail me. Now!


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