09 Rabi ul Awwal 1425

So here it is. Friday evening. The beginning of the weekend. A time of wild partying and frivolous festivies. Well not this week. This week I will only party and be festive, no wild, no frivolous. I mean enough is enough. I am 23 damnit. I need 4 hours of sleep and a dry place to sleep on.

Aaaa. What the hell. I really can't pull this off. Ok. Ok. I want the wild parties and frivolous feasts. Ok ! There ! Happy now ?

I hate you all. I hate the fact that I have to explain things to you. Its like I can see you make that face that you make when you dont like something. Damnit! Dont show me those eyes! (palpable (sexual?) tension) Ohk Ohk. Have it your way. Ill explain things to you from now on ok. God ! You people sure drive a hard bargain.

Well whatever. I have to go now or they will start playing cards without me then my turn will take an hour. At least now I have a chance. The 4 highest jumpers amongst us 7 will get to play. So bye suckers. Ill see yall later. Bye.


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