04 Rabi us Sani 1425

Oh God! Interesting pool stories for the day. Well there is a cute guy at the pool. If I were normal (notice the word 'if') I would contact him, chat with him about how frikking hot the water in the pool is or about the strange things that float about in the water. Even though it would have been very easy for me to strike a conversation I did not do that. I chose the harder and mroe dangerous path.

While swimming I banged into him. Admittedly I did not want a head to head collision at high speeds but that is what happened. He didnt appreciate it. Although it was obviously his fault. I changed lanes to collide with him. The least he could do was keep an eye out for me. We did eventually talk. Here is how it went.

Hot Sexy Swimmer Guy (Holding head) Whooooaaaaaa !!!!
Psychotic Me (Stammering) Oh, I am so sorry, are you hurt?
Hot Sexy Swimmer Guy (Holding head) No no, its ok. Its ok. You didnt get hurt did you.
Psychotic Me (Stuttering) So the water is so warm huh?
Hot Sexy Swimmer Guy (Confused at the SUDDEN change of topic) Huh? What? Yeah, maybe it is ...
Psychotic Me (Stuttering with wild confusion) And it isnt very clean is it.
Hot Sexy Swimmer Guy (Confused at the SUDDEN change of topic yet again) Yeah, maybe it is ...

And then he swims off into the setting sun with me standing there and cursing myself for being such a complete moron that I might never ever get laid.


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