19 Muharram 1425

So, I have a date on Sunday. I have no idea why, but that idea makes me very cheerful. I have told him that I will not have sex with him on our first date. But then again, people change their minds and do stupid things that A- they later regret openly 2- they feel good about doing it. I will tell you all about it on Sunday. Or, on monday morning.

I cant close my mouth. My teeth are budding out of my mouth.

And right now I am drinking the best cup of coffee that I have had in a long long time. The (نمکپارہ) namakparas that I am having are excellent as well. As well as the fact that I just had a wonderful time with my sister today. One episode of Scrubs and laughing out intestines out.

I am so happy today.

And I made my monthly change to my Personal Information Weblog.

A regular reminder that my Urdu blog is here.


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