06 Safar 1425

I am sure you have realized that the last post is not my doing. I mean, come on. You all know I don't post such irrational things all of a sudden.

I am sure that after readin my blog my readers begin to have a low opinion of me. That is ok. I do not expect all of you to be good judges of character. What really makes me useasy is the light in which Google and Yahoo seem to view me in. My blog turns up in every result that can only belong to the twilight zone. It is very very embarrasing.

A few recent examples would be
mentally retarded people in Pakistan
what is love its time waste or one of the wrost thing in the life
pakistani slut

I mean come on. I know I am a paranoid, psychotic, lunatic, obsessive compulsive, evil maniac. But come on that gives then no right to call me that.

And yes my current love life leaves a lot to be desired. Seeing that it is non existent and sucky. But come on google search results ???

And the last one hurts! I am a virgin. I haven't done anything wrong. And I dont think that thinking about wierd sexual stuff for at least 3-4 hours a day makes me a slut.

So there ! I have given my side of the story. Now if you will excuse me some French Vanilla Coffee is waiting for me.


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