Weekly search results

I think I will make a common practice of posting the interesting search results for the week on every Friday.

talles building in Pakistan ---> The MCB Towers / Plaza now under construction on I.I.Chundrigarh road in Karachi.
site about railway information of karachi CANT station ---> You should go to Pakistan Railways for this information.

animals for eid in karachi ---> Oh what painful memories of blood and sacrifices.
jalal karachi blog "black fish" ---> Whoa. Someone has been reading this blog some time back and is back now.
pakistani jewellery ---> That is a lie. I do not wear jewellery.

Pakistani Slut ---> Seems like Yahoo found out about my party antics.
"brad pitt" "any underwear" ---> And to end up on my blog. How gay am I.

aunties lahore pakistan for a fuck ---> Hetrosexual sex is so sick.
desperate karachi aunties ---> With the fear of repetition but heterosexual sex is so sick. But being extremely needy and desperate and sex starved is worse.


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