The First Gay Party (St Valentine's Day Party) (Part II) (Hissa Doem)

A list of the quantities of the parameters involved in the party. A warning is heretoforth issued that some of the following material may be an exageration of the truth.

Left home : 21:35
Number of guys kissed : 4
Number of guys who felt me up : 5
Number of Dance Partners : (Let me think) I am sorry. I am a whore. I dont remember.
Kilometers Walked : (Let me see) 7.2 Gagillion
Reached Home : 06:05
Number of guys I stopped from Kissing me : 3
Number of times I wanted to say "I want to suck your moustache" : 88,563
Number of times I said "I want to suck your moustache" : 1
Number of times I got to suck a moustache : 1
Number of guys who felt me up and I did not even see who it was : 1
Amount of water I drank : In the vicinity of 75 litres.
Number of guys I wanted to play around with : 9 (Really, really bad)
Number of times I choked because someone's tongue was in my windpipe (this being a slight exageration) : 2
Number of guys I felt up : 4
Number of guys who I met up who I have known from before : 8
Number of guys who I met up who I have known from before, who knew how to talk to human beings, and who knew how not to act like frigid constipated assholes : 2
Minutes that I kissed the first guy for : 50
Number of alcoholic drinks : 0

A list of words that during the course of the evening (and later on after it) I think I will want to use to describe myself during the evening.

Horny bBitch
Lusty slut
Immoral whore


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