well i am sure you will realize what i did all day after you read my post.

well here is a listing and a rating of popular tv sitcoms that i came across today and during the past few weeks.

Ally McBeal : A must see. 7/10
Angel : One of the guys is cute. Otherwise do not watch. 2/10
Buffy the Vampire Slayer : None of the guys is cute. Do not watch. 0/10
Baywatch Hawaii : YUM!. Otherwise do not watch. 3/10
Futurama : Very nice. 8/10
Malcom in the Middle : A must see. 9/10
Dharma and Greg : Very nice. 7/10
Cheers : Interesting. Woody is VERY cute. 5/10
Friends : Must see. 9/10
Simpsons : Very nice. 6/10
Becker : Must see. 4/10
Everybody Loves Raymond : Very nice. 8/10
Frasier : Must see. 10/10


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