24 Jamadi us Sani 1425

Ok, this blog is not a good idea. I am actually scared. I think I may have a stalker. Well, no, I am not a celebrity, but a gay Pakistani blogger is a celebrity because ofthe sheer uncommonness. I am afraid man.

He called me three times and then I called him and he didnt pick up. I kept calling and he didnt pick up the phone. I sent him smss and he sent me some. He is not going to tell me who he is. Now I am scared.

So if you are reading this. Do not leave a comment. Email me instead.

Oh and yes. In case you are my friend and just teasing me and are now shocked at my knee jerk reaction, I am sorry. And I will give you a free blowjob once R allows me to do that ok. Dont hate me.


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